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Legal challenge of Section 13 (Marc Lemire constitutional challenge)
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History and operation of Section 13, and CHRC totalitarianism.
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This website is run by Marc Lemire, the only person in the 33 year history of Section 13 to ever win a case before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

Marc Lemire is a certified computer systems engineer and human rights victim consultant based in Toronto. He is the webmaster of the Freedomsite, which is a resource of freedom oriented material, including the largest archive in Canada of information exposing the ravenous censorship of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

In 2006, Lemire won the "George Orwell Free Speech Award" for his courageous defence of freedom and open debate. In March 2008, the National Post Editorial Board called Lemire a "principled free-speech martyr".

Lemire is a member of Canada's largest professional journalist organization.

Marc has written three popular books entitled:


This website is solely about Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, Canada's shameful Internet censorship provision.

You can contact me at:



Marc Lemire
762 Upper James St
Box 384,
Hamilton, Ontario,
L9C 3A2

Tel:  (416) 709-5140








Twitter:  @Marc_Lemire







  "During times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" - George Orwell 

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